In order to meet the rapid growth and demand in the packaging market,Chum Power Machinery Corp. has made substantial investments over the past several years in the research and development of PET stretch blow molding machines,built the branch company in china named"Quinko(Fujian) Machinery Industrial Co., LTD" in 1993,and "Chumpower Machinery(Jiaxing) Co., LTD" is found as the production base for expanding ouput on October 2011.
The CPSB and PN series is suitable for diversified containers to fill with mineral water,edible oil,soda,wine,cosmetics,lotion,detergent,and many kinds of liquid.

The jar for pickle food or tennis ball and the hot filling bottle for tea or fruit water is all available on CHUMPOWER and QUINKO machine. CPSB series could achieve maximum capacity of 24000 BPH,and container range from 50cc to 20 liters. AllChumpower and QUINKO products can be used for bottling only or for turnkey projects.