Leopard6 series blow molding machine, the production capacity of 6 cavities can reach 20000bph, the maximum capacity is 0.7L

Leopard12 series blow molding machine, the capacity of 12 cavities can reach 24000bph, the maximum capacity is 0.7L

Leopard high -speed linear blow molding machine PL-CSS6-38-II,single -cavity production capacity can be up to 2600bph.

PL-CS8-50 200ml pesticide bottle, capacity 8000 BPH.

PL-L1G Combi system with Blowing ,filling and Capping

PL-CSS-38 High Speed Blow Molding Machine

PL-L1G ,one cavity ,max volume 20L, Max capavity 530BPH.

PL-L2G  2 -Cavity,Max Volume 20L, with 900-1200bph capacity.

CSS6000 Phoenix Machine Products

PN-CSS10E, Max Volume Size 600ml. the production capacity can reach 13000 bottles per hour

PJ-4000LE Oil bottle, wide mouth bottle blowing machine

CSS9000E all-electric blow molding machine

CSS6000E all-electric blow molding machine

1000 bph. Blow Container From 5L-20L for edible oil package.